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Rise Group Athletics trainers all come from an athletic background and utilize some of the best equipment on the market to ensure we push you to the next level of your performance ability. RGA prepares you mentally and physically to push beyond your limits. Whether you are a beginner in the fitness arena or professional athlete; whether you are looking to improve your skills or an exclusive facility to work out, we are who you are looking for. Rise Group trainers evaluate your current ability and tailor a training regime specifically for you. We prepare you to take your mind and game to the next level.

Training Services

Ready to go to work

RGA offers a wide variety of tools to help you to the next level of performance.

Personal Training

Each of our trainers comes from an athletic background. From the Collegiate player to the Professional athlete l in their respective sport, we know what it takes to make it to the next stage and what it takes to stay there. Let us help you get there.

Group Training

Training in a team environment is as essential to leveling up as individual performance. During our group training, you will train with other elite athletes during drills and skills exercises as well as learn to work together to elevate each other. Our clients help each other, our professional athletes help the collegiate athletes, the collegiate athletes help the high school athletes, and the high school athletes help the middles school trainees. We at Rise Group Athletics help each other get to the next level.

Dr. Dish Shooting Machine

If you need to improve your shot off the dribble, shot accuracy, shots in motion, consistency, or shooting fatigue; we have one of the best machines on the market, utilized by collegiate and professional athletes alike. Schedule your Dr. Dish time today.

Vertimax EX

A piece of resistance equipment not many facilities have or know how to utilize. The Vertimax is a platform of resistance bands and has the ability to enhance the strength, speed, and endurance of ANY athlete for any sport. Two of our Rise Group Trainers are certified in Vertimax training. Contact us to increase your vertical jump and explosiveness today.

Court Time

Check out the other highly skilled athletes who train at RGA. Schedule a session today to reserve your court time and get some run-in.

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About us

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Our Story

RGA Beginnings

Rise Group Athletics started with a shared love for basketball by partners Thai Pham and Cris Lopez. Through a mutual connection, these partners realized their common interests and set out to make elite training available to the up-and-coming talent in the East County area. Through their combined networks, they have reached and pushed youths and adults across the country to the next level. In a little over a year, Rise Group’s The Pitt has become the premier training facility in the area. Rise Group Athletics has produced some of the top recruited talent in the nation as high school freshmen in that short period of time.

Our Vision

What drives the RGA Team

At Rise Group Athletics, our goal is to prepare each individual mentally and physically for the next chapter. We want to create an environment where the Bay Areas’ top athletes can come to train, improve upon their skills and glean experience from those that have already blazed the same trail. RGA wants to combine the big-name athlete with the up-and-coming athlete and establish a level of competition that excels athletic ability for both parties in a “No Cameras Allowed” safe space.

Our Team

Meet the team

Meet the best of the best.

Tyree Murray

Athletic Trainer

Tyree Murray

Ahmed Burden

Athletic Trainer

Ahmed Burden

Jared Martin

Athletic Trainer

Jared Martin
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