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The Bay Area has deep-seated roots sprouting throughout the cluster of cities filled with bright lights, coastal views, and a diverse community.  Among these cities is a city filled with culture, influence, and history, is Oakland.   In this Bay Area hub, you’ll find a community that appreciates art, the outdoors, and traditions while keeping a modern vibe.

Whether you are here to stay or stopping by, you can get lost in the many activities and offerings of Oakland.  Some of the main attractions are the redwood trees, Oakland zoo, Parks and trails, sailing, lakes, and downtown life!  If you are looking for food, you’ll have a variety of all sorts of preferences.  Home to popular vegan restaurants are The Butcher’s Son and Golden Lotus.

Oakland has an estimated population of over 429,082 and is recognized as the third-largest city in the Bay Area and the 8th largest city in California.  In 2017 there were 169,303 households with a 2.58 average of people per household and a $564,500 median home value.  Despite its 25% decline in growth in 2011, Oakland’s population has grown an average of 1.16% every year.

There are over 50 district neighborhoods throughout Oakland.  Some of the well-known divisions are East Oakland, Downtown Oakland, central business district, West Oakland, North Oakland, Lake Merritt, and the Oakland Hills.   Each area provides its own vibe of entertainment and activities.  If you are relocating or considering living in Oakland and want to know more information regarding the various communities, reach out to one of our specialists here at The East Bay Group.

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